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Frank Holmes

Executive Chairman, HIVE Blockchain Technologies

Renowned global investor Frank Holmes leads the HIVE board of directors, contributing to the company's vision and strategy. Frank is chief executive and chief investment officer at U.S. Global Investors, a leading mutual fund and asset management firm. Frank is a much sought after keynote speaker at international investment conferences and a regular guest in business media. His Frank Talk CEO Blog is one of the most widely read in finance.

David St-Onge

David St-Onge has a degree in computer science and started his career as a developer in 2005. In 2016, he became the Technical Director of a software development company. In early 2018, a colleague introduced him to the world of Bitcoin and blockchains. Since then, he has been devouring every book he could find on the subject, following influential "Bitcoin Twitter" personalities on a daily basis, and collecting dozens of articles on the subject. After contributing to the popularization of Bitcoin in the French-speaking world, David now brings us a translated version of his beginner-friendly guide to understanding Bitcoin entitled Bitcoin: Everything you need to know.

Daniel Foch

RARE Real Estate Inc.

Daniel Foch is a real estate broker, working in the real estate industry for over 15 years with a variety of notable organizations such as REIT, CBRE and Hydro One. Daniel and his team have transacted over $250M in real estate across a variety of asset classes.

During his academic career, Daniel was an active instructor, contributor and researcher in the University of Guelph’s Real Estate Faculty, founder of The University's International URECC event, and was awarded for affordable housing innovation by CMHC & The University of Guelph during his tenure at the university.

Daniel is a regular contributor in the Canadian media as one of the most trusted, unbiased and balanced sources of real estate insight in Canada. As a result, he has been featured as a real estate expert in The Wall Street Journal, CBC, BNN Bloomberg, The Globe and Mail, among others. Daniel has built a captive audience of over 100,000 real estate investors across multiple social media platforms by providing primary research and market analysis.

“I am Daniel Foch, and I am RARE.”

Ben Perrin


Ben is host of the BTC Sessions - the most popular resource for Bitcoin education on YouTube. His focus is on practical knowledge - including wallets, hardware security, nodes, lightning and much more. Since 2016 Ben's channel has amassed a following of 75,000 subscribers, 100,000 followers on Twitter, and over 7.2 million views across all his content. He is a regular speaker at conferences in countries around the globe. When Ben isn't making online content, he can be found hosting in-person workshops and digital 1-on-1 education sessions.
Karadza Brothers

Karadza Brothers

Founders, Rock Star Real Estate Inc.

Tom & Nick Karadza quit their jobs in software sales at Oracle Corporation to start Rock Star Real Estate Inc. in 2008. They were frustrated with their corporate lives and found that the income properties that they bought in their early twenties were producing better personal financial gains than their corporate incomes. Rock Star Real Estate was launched to work specifically with Canadians who wanted to add investment real estate to their asset base and didn't know who to turn to for education and guidance. Today Rock Star has helped thousands of investors across the Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe Area, worked on billions of dollars of investment properties and the Rock Star team has grown to over 60 people in their Oakville, Ontario offices. They host a podcast called, The Your Life! Your Terms! Show, where they focus on topics like real estate, interest rates, central banking, Bitcoin, health, fitness and more. You can find them at
Jesse Berger

Jesse Berger

Jesse Berger spent over 10 years working with large financial institutions in Canada, including roles in retail banking, investment advisory, management consulting, and market research. He graduated from McGill University in 2006 having studied economics and philosophy, and he received his MBA from Ryerson University in 2015. In 2018, he left the corporate world to pursue a career in Bitcoin, and in 2020 he published Magic Internet Money: A Book About Bitcoin. He is currently an independent consultant based in Toronto.
Eric Yakes

Eric Yakes

Eric Yakes graduated with a double major in finance & economics from Creighton University and 3 years later earned my CFA charter. He began his career at FTI Consulting in their Corporate Finance and Restructuring group for the TMT industry and then moved to Lion Equity Partners, a distressed buyout private equity fund.
All the while he intently followed Bitcoin, and its development eventually led him to author the book: The 7th Property: Bitcoin and the Monetary Revolution. He is currently forming a bitcoin focused venture capital fund.
Greg Foss

Greg Foss

Power Development/ Bitcoin Strategist

Ben Lobb

Ben Lobb

MP, Huron/Bruce

Brad Mills

Brad Mills

Host, Magic Internet Money Podcast

Troy Cross

Troy Cross

Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Reed College

Tomer Strolight

Tomer Strolight

Writer; Editor-in-Chief, Swan Bitcoin

Lawrence Lepard

Lawrence (Larry) Lepard

Managing Partner at Equity Management Associates

Ali Hamam

Ali Hamam

Vice President, Tahinis Restaurant

Daniela Cambone

Executive Producer, The Daniela Cambone Show

Francis Pouliot

CEO, Bull Bitcoin

The CEO and Founder of Bull Bitcoin Francis Pouliot is a full-time Bitcoin entrepreneur, researcher and industry spokesperson since 2013. He is a builder of financial software and services for Bitcoin. Francis defines himself as Cypherpunk Bitcoin Maximalist, formerly free-market economist.
Derek Ross

Derek Ross

Nostr Plebs

Jack Ronaldi

Jack has been a product manager at a bank for the past 7 years. After going down the rabbit hole over the past 3 years, he has been pivoting his career towards building in Bitcoin. He's currently the product manager for the VLS open source project and helping to launch the Bitcoin Product Community.

Evan Feenstra

Technical Architect, Sphinx Chat

Carlo Campisi

Communications & Policy Manager @ Shakepay

Aaron Foster

Aaron Foster

Aaron previously worked at Ontario Power Generation Nuclear, General Electric and Suncor Energy. Entering the Bitcoin Mining space in 2017 and moving full time in 2021, Aaron specializes in helping clients optimize their hashrate and bridging the gap between traditional energy industries and Bitcoin Mining.

Dave Bradley

Chief Revenue Officer, Bitcoin Well

Dave is widely known as The Strongest and Best Looking Bitcoin Entrepreneur in Canada.
He is widely considered one of the leading experts in Canada on Bitcoin. Prior to his current role as the Chief Revenue Officer at Bitcoin Well, Dave founded Bitcoin Brains, the world’s first bricks-and-mortar Bitcoin store and co-founded Bull Bitcoin.

Ben Harper

Associate Director of Derivatives with Luxor Technologies

As Associate Director of Derivatives with Luxor Technologies, a Seattle-based digital mining services company, Ben helps build the software and financial service infrastructure to support the next generation of digital assets. Before joining Luxor, Ben spent six years working in numerous positions in the public and private sector, in Canada and abroad, as a financial, economic, and public policy analyst. Ben sits on the Canadian Blockchain Consortium’s Mining and Policy and Advocacy Committees and is passionate about advancing policy to encourage the development of the blockchain industry, and digital asset mining specifically, in Canada. Ben holds a Master of Arts in Economics from Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts (Economics) from Queen’s University.

Julian Figueroa

Filmmaker and host of Kinetic Finance

Julian Figueroa is a filmmaker and host of Kinetic Finance - a multi-platform video channel providing educational and historical explainers on money & markets, and a cutting-edge look into the world of Bitcoin. Since 2020, his content has amassed over 1.2 million views across YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram. In addition to appreciating the self-sovereign movement that Bitcoin promotes, Julian also shares a passion for off-grid living - consistently learning about and engaging in carpentry, permaculture, and survivalism.

Adam O'Brien

Founder & CEO, Bitcoin Well

Adam O'Brien has been a Bitcoin entrepreneur since 2013. When he found Bitcoin, he was fascinated by the price and wanted to make it more accessible to the Edmonton area. From there he has fallen in love with the technology and philosophy of bitcoin, and has become an advocate for the feedmon and sovereignty that it offers. Today, his company, Bitcoin Well, is publicly traded on the TSXV, has over 250 Bitcoin ATMs across Canada, 2 in-person brokerages (in Edmonton and Calgary) and a thriving non-custodial online platform. The platform (launched in Q4/22) allows users to buy, sell and use bitcoin faster and safer than anywhere else in the country. Adam's focus is on self-custody of Bitcoin and giving users easy and convenient ways to use the most influential asset on earth.


Bitcoin Design Community

Yashraj is a contributor to the Bitcoin Design Community and other FOSS projects in the bitcoin space. He believes difficulty-adjusted proof-of-work can be the guiding principle for more than just bitcoin.

Jonathan Lister

President & Co-Founder, Satstreet Inc

As Co-Founder of Satstreet, Jon has executed over $1 Billion in trade settlement for clients across Canada. Jon has been investing in Bitcoin for over 6 years and previously co-founded BlockEquity Inc. which was acquired by Coinsquare for $12M in 2018.

Jared Nusinoff

Founder of Mash

Jared Nusinoff is the founder of Mash ( and has been building and experimenting with Bitcoin Lightning Network products since early 2020. At Mash, he’s building Lightning infrastructure, wallets and monetization products.

He has more than 15 years of professional experience – including being a product manager at Google, and the founder of a real-world, long-form adventure travel company. He holds a degree in business from the Richard Ivey School of Business, and has taken multiple computer science courses from Stanford University, for fun.

He writes about online monetization and Lightning. He’s been a speaker at the Bitcoin Conference, and a podcast guest on "TFTC," "On The Brink," Kevin Rooke’s "Lightning Pod," "Connect the World" and "Tank Talks."
When Nusinoff isn’t building or experimenting with Lightning Network products, he’s paddling wild remote rivers by canoe or watching live music. He’s a Bitcoin monetary maximalist.

Stephan Livera

Podcast host & Head of Education at Swan Bitcoin

Stephan Livera hosts a self-titled Bitcoin & Austrian Economics podcast featuring developers, economists, entrepreneurs. Stephan Livera Podcast has achieved over 5 million downloads and is widely listened to across the industry and for those wanting to learn or stay up to date on Bitcoin. Stephan is also Head of Education at Swan Bitcoin, and invests in Bitcoin companies as a partner with Bitcoiner Ventures. Stephan also contributes to various publications such as Bitcoin Magazine, the Mises Institute. Stephan frequently speaks at and appears at Bitcoin and Liberty focused conferences worldwide.

Magdalena Gronowska

Advisor to PRTI

Magdalena advises PRTI, a waste tire to energy mining company, and the Digital Securities Commission of El Salvador. She also helped launch the first Canadian Bitcoin fund on the TSX, is a Quadriga bankruptcy Inspector, and spent a decade in economic development, energy, and climate policy in Canada.

Matthew Black

Cofounder and CTO of Atomic Finance

Matt is the Cofounder and CTO of Atomic Finance, a Toronto based company focused on building non-custodial financial tools for Bitcoin.

Prior to Atomic Finance, Matt was a software engineer working on Atomic Swaps in the Ethereum industry. However, growing frustration with the ecosystem prompted his evolution into a staunch Bitcoin maximalist.

Ryan MacLeod

Laboratory Technologist at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Ryan is a Laboratory Technologist at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. He has a bold vision to revolutionize the nuclear industry by integrating bitcoin mining into power assets. He has been consumed by a passion to tirelessly promote and spread the enormous potential of this innovating technology combo.

Sunny Ray

President and Co-founder of Unocoin

Sunny Ray is the President and Co-founder of Unocoin, a leading bitcoin exchange in India. He has been working in the industry for over a decade and has extensive experience in bitcoin.

Prior to founding Unocoin, Sunny worked for various financial institutions and technology companies, helping them to implement blockchain solutions and digital payment systems. He also served as the Director of Business Development at Buttercoin, a Bitcoin exchange based in California.

Sunny is a frequent speaker at industry events and has been featured in numerous publications, including Forbes, The Economic Times, and The Hindu. He is passionate about promoting the adoption of bitcoin technology in India and is committed to building a secure and reliable platform for users to trade and invest in digital assets.

Sunny holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta.

Mauricio Di Bartolomeo

Co-Founder & CSO, Ledn

Gustavo J. Flores Echaiz

Content Marketer at Wasabi Wallet

Gustavo J. Flores Echaiz is a proven entrepreneur, content marketer, and project manager. He is a Content Marketer at Wasabi Wallet. His most recent previous role was as VP - Project Management at Bull Bitcoin, where he led and managed the launch of Gustavo was co-founder / CEO of Veriphi prior to working at Bull Bitcoin.

Jesse Shrader

Co-Founder of Amboss Technologies, Inc.

Luke Broyles

Investor, Business, Filmmaker

Joey Temprile

Co-host, Canadian Bitcoiners Podcast